Fences, Railings and Balustrade

Houses are built for both practical purposes and aesthetic appeal. We need shelter from the elements, but we also build our houses so that they appeal to our sense of proportion, balance and colour. Safety is another concern. These factors should also be considered when designing fences, railings and other barricades. Though a compulsory part of housing and pools all barricades can be made aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.


Balustrade Sydney

Railings are essential for safety on stairways. Balustrades are a classic style of railing, originating with the lathe turned wood and symmetrically formed clay and stone of the ancient world. They appear on many classic pieces of architecture, lending themselves to ornamentation and adaptable to many styles of décor.


Pool Fence Sydney

Pool fences are required by law in order to prevent serious accidents. These fences must be designed to prevent climbing, and to prevent any access via a building or nearby object. Yet they can still be designed to either look suitably pleasing in their surroundings, or unintrusive enough to escape a casual gaze. Metal fences can be designed to look attractive; tempered glass fences can be effective and unintrusive. All types of fence can be made to fit legal requirements.