Pool Fence

Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Frameless Glass Pool Fence - VOHC Sydney

Our frameless pool fences services in Sydney use tempered glass which are both safe and super-reliable.

The typical wire, wooden or tubular pool fencing can often ruin an otherwise immaculate space. The transparency also makes the fencing hardly noticeable as well as matching the clean look of the swimming pool and water.

Frameless glass pool fencing is easily one of our most popular options for pool fencing.

Semi Frameless Pool Fence

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fence - VOHC Sydney

Semi frameless pool fencing is another popular pool fencing option that not only protects your pool with minimal intrusion but also looks good.

If the frameless pool fencing isn’t for you, then the semi frameless pool fencing might be a better fit. If you want a subtle and light looking pool fence then this product is for you.

The pool posts are available in many colour options, thus making it easy to design a fence that complements both your pool and yard.

Tubular Pool Fence

Tubular Pool Fence - VOHC Sydney

The tubular pool fencing is a more traditional style of fencing which is comprised of square, rectangular or round hollow steel or aluminium tube.

The tubular fencing is safe and with the range of style and colours, you can easily find an option that suits your pool.

These same metal fencing can also be used to enclose areas such as gardens and porches, allowing a matching theme for your house.